Rizla Bambo

Rizla Bamboo is sustainable, 100% tree-free, biodegradable and chemical free. A flexible and strong rolling paper in premium, soft-touch packaging, Rizla Bamboo is easy on the conscience!


Product Description

Rizla bamboo king size rolling papers are a fresh offering from arguably the most well-known rolling paper brand. The company have made use of one of the most fast growing plants on the planet. This makes bamboo papers a relatively sustainable option, which is great news for the planet.

Using bamboo has allowed Rizla to make these papers extra thin. This is another positive feature on the sustainability front because thinner papers mean less material in every leaf. The cannabis industry is always looking for ways to reduce resource consumption and these rolling papers show potential for greener toking experiences.

Despite being incredibly thin, these rolling papers are easy to handle and do not impart much of a flavour on our favourite flowers. Quality is consistently high when it comes to Rizla and these papers are no exception. 


Additional Information

Free Local Delivery

We offer free "Same Day local delivery " if ordered before 1pm & you are within a 5 mile radius,the post codes are DN22, NG22, NG23.

Orders posted after 1pm will be delivered the following day. Orders made outside the 5 mile radius will have £4.99 delivery fee. 

Nationwide Shipping

We delivery anywhere in the UK! There will be an additional £4.99 shipping fee but we can get our healthy products to you anywhere in the UK.


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